We believe that safety leadership starts from the top. The business owners, project managers, supervisors, and employees are all key to our success.

Our Commitment to Safety

At HHS Construction, Inc., employee safety is top priority. We ensure through training and supervision that employees know how to work safely and stay on the job with no injuries. We have a safety division that is dedicated to developing safe work practices and training all employees on those best practices, including first aid and CPR.

Our Safety Culture

On a daily basis, we follow a safety management system of leading and lagging indicators including coaching observation trends, work site audits, good catches, near-miss reports, corrective action follow-up, total recordable incident rates (TRIR) and days away, restricted duty and transfers (DART) rates. Using these indicators, we perform trend analyses and program validation of our safety performance. Should an incident occur, we quickly identify the root causes, whether a result of the environment, mindsets or safety systems, and develop corrective practices.

Safety Contact

Dave Curry, (909) 376-4938